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Retreat in Bali after the Congress: BALI The Venue & Itinerary-2

Dear friend of Sowa Rigpa, dear Congress Participant, dear all SKI family
members around the globe,

Congress opening in Nepal, 2017

We feel honored to invite you to the 7th International Congress on Sowa Rigpa- Traditional Tibetan Medicine which will be held from March 7 to 9, 2019 in Singapore
(including a comprehensive additional program before and after the Congress days) and we
are looking forward to welcome you to this timeless personal encounter of practitioners,
scholars, cooperation partners and interested people in the field of Sowa Rigpa and other

„The annual International Congress is a great contribution for the further development, the preservation and propagation of Traditional Tibetan Medicine in the East and West.“

“To improve our work I sincerely request you to better cooperate and communicate.
Mutual trust, cooperation and respect is so important for our Family.

I wish for everyone to express their best talents to help the Family to grow stronger.
Let’s discuss this at the congress!”

(Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, Congress President)

Speakers in Nepal, 2017

Let ́s come together in the world ́s greenest city with people from all over the globe to celebrate and experience our „Unity and Interconnection in Diversity“, working for the same goal, beyond borders and national or individual interests.
The inspiring motto “Science of Healing and Happiness“ intends to broaden our scientific perspectives and to present Sowa Rigpa as a time-tested modern traditional Science with openness and concepts for a comprehensive Interdisciplinarity, either on a level of a medical science or with a complete spiritual system.

Singapore…a perfect location

Singapore as one of the world ́s most prosperous country and financial center seems to be the
perfect location for this gathering. Being so densely populated, stress can build up quickly with urban modern life-style and high-cost living. To balance this natural healing plays an important part in Singapore and we can find an extraordinary variety of traditional healing methods there who are working side by side.



Sowa Rigpa: The Science of Health and Happiness: „Sowa Rigpa was originated in the high plateau of tibet thousands of years ago, later it was developed in the neighbouring countries: in northern India, Ladakh and Nepal it is known as Amchi Medicine, in Bhutan it is known as indigineous or the Buddhist Medicine, in Mongolia it is known as Traditional Mongolian Medicine and in Tibet it is known as Traditional Tibetan Medicine. Sowa Rigpa is a science of healing and it transcends nationalism, political issues or culturalism. Therefore I would like to call Sowa Rigpa the Science of Health and Happiness.“ (Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, public talk, 10th November, 2018)



With this bridge-building gathering we would like to strengthen our interconnection with a
concrete focus on scientific side-by-side approaches, cooperation and interdisciplinarity to
face future challenges: for the benefit, health and happiness of all sentient beings.
Let ́s come together as a family in Singapore.

This Congress will also present so many people from our diverse SKI family: from the first generation until today. So many talents, so much diversity, so many different approaches:

Participants in Nepal, 2017

Unity in diversity!

This Congress will present outstanding news in the field of Sowa Rigpa: great projects around the world. From research to knowledge, from training to working with patients on the highest possible level, from nomadic travelling to coming home, from wonderful results, from moments of failure, too and how to go beyond all obstacles.

This Congress will invite to explore and to experience the strength and the flow of cooperation of a collective network based on Yuthok´s words: for the benefit of all sentient beings…

This Congress will be part of the routine Ngöndro for all of us, according to Yuthok´s heart teachings.

This Congress will bring people together who might work in cooperation for the rest of their lifes.



https://www.drukmogyal.com/       5 Perfections    The perfect singer for the perfect audience at the perfect location with the perfect topic… . A perfect moment:     7th March 2019 in Singapore: Opening Night


This Congress will inspire next generations of interested people to become part of the family and to be our future practitioners.

This Congress will present some of the best and experienced scholars and practitioners of Sowa Rigpa from around the globe, many of them will come from the root countries of Sowa Rigpa around the himalayan plateau.

This Congress will inaugurate ways and opportunities for Sorig practitioners who are looking for new challengesand ways to cooperate.

This Congress will be a peaceful gathering of transcultural openness, based on mutual trust, altruism, engagement and compassion
for all sentient beings around the world
in this crazy time of separation.

Be a part of it as you are already….

This Congress will think about a healthy future of all and of our environment
and will invite scholars, practitioners, scientists, artists and interested people from around the world
to live their interconnection: welcome to Singapore!


Dr. Tenzin Thaye during the closing ceremony in Estonia, 2016


Acknowledgement: We are full of gratitude. Many thanks to our speakers, presenters, supporters and artists who have already confirmed their participation with joy.
 We are very grateful for the inspiring cooperation to the partner organizations, branches and members of Sorig Khang International and to all our active supporters in Singapore and around the globe. 
It is the wish of the organizers that this Congress, „will be a great inspiration for the preservation and further development of Sowa Rigpa to benefit all sentient beings“





With most cordial greetings on behalf of the International Organizing Committee,

Dr. Nida Chenagtsang (SKI Medical Director, Congress President)

Dr. Tam Nguyen (SKI Execute Director)

Jacqueline Yu (SKI Head of Activities, President of Sorig Khang Singapore)

Dr. Jens Tönnemann (SKI Head of Medical Education, SKI Congress Coordinator)



First glimpse at the upcoming venues:



Invitation per video by Dr. Tam Nguyen (SKI Executive Director):