Here you will find the official invitation letter from the international organizing team:


The 7th International Congress on Sowa Rigpa

The Science of Healing and Happiness

March 7-9, 2019 in Singapore

with additional program before & after the Congress

Dear family from around the globe in the field of Sowa Rigpa, dear brother, dear sister, father, mother, nephew, niece, vice versa and alltogether, 

In between the plannings for the next Congress in Singapore together as an international team, pictures from the last Congress and our SKI-family-spring in Italy appear in our mind: beyond the beauty of Italy we see all the wonderful italian people who are working as a team, like a mandala, with love and temperament, with a focus on a collective process instead of individual performance, enriched with glimpses of Italy. Vivere Sowa Rigpa!

We had the chance to learn so much beyond knowledge, so much beyond organizational or scientific challenges.

Thank you so much, dear italian family.

italian team in Amdo, buongiorno Sowa Rigpa!

More than ever before it seems that in Singapore -beyond planting and harvesting-  we have to continue the process of nurturing…: under the guidance of our perfect teacher and inspired through his wish that we all should come together as a family to live our unity in diversity, to deepen our interconnection and cooperation, to explore our talents and to be there: for the benefit of all.

We are looking forward to welcome all of you in Singapore… . All of you.

The Congress itself is based on a clear non-profit-root to guarantee transparency, to prevent from dependencies and to reduce misunderstandings. The root vision of the Congress is inspired by a clear cristal.  Please support each other to guarantee that we will come together in our big diverse family from all over the world.

In between SKI so many people are doing such a great job. Through the work of the local coordinators of our various Sorig Khangs we have courses and teachings of the highest possible level around the globe. 

On behalf of SKI Congress we highly recommend that the participation fees and travelling costs for the coordinators should be fully covered -if possible- by the budget of their local organizations. 

Please come together with your „origin family“ or your „future family“ and let’s all be one family…

It is Dr. Nida´s wish to inspire Sorig Kids and the next generation, too. How about bringing our children together and deepen their contact through annual meetings, beyond language or nationality…?

For the (near) future we intend to create a complete children sensitive congress. To learn what we need for that, we need to learn from our children…

Jens, for example, will be there with his (then) 5-year-old daughter for the after-program and the Bali-retreat and we hope many of you will be there with your children, too…

Only through your support, contributions and presence all this will be possible.

If you are there as a listener or a speaker, as a practitioner or a patient…. It doesn’t matter.

Most importance is your participation, your presence.

In this crazy time of separation we love to live our interconnection and to inspire others to be with us… .

“Be a part of it as you are already”.

Singapore (the world’s greenest city) as one of the world´s most prosperous country and financial center seems to be the perfect location for this gathering. Being so densely populated, stress can build up quickly with urban modern life-style and high-cost living. To balance this natural healing plays an important part in Singapore and we can find an extraordinary variety of traditional healing methods there who are working side by side.

Green Singapore: OPT- gardens by the bay

If you cannot come personal, please support and inspire others to be there.

Full of gratitude to be (in) this family, 

all our best wishes, Jacqueline and Jens


Jacqueline Yu

Sorig Khang International

Head of Activities

President of Sorig Khang Singapore

Dr. Jens Tönnemann, M.D.


Head of Medical Education

President of Sorig Khang Austria