Congress Fee

Normal price – 108 Euro

Surplus price – if you would like to collect more merit, you are free to donate any amount above the necessary minimum to make this event possible. All the surplus from your contribution will support Kathmandu Medical Camp and Sowa Rigpa College in Nepal.


Oplata za Kongres

108 Euro

Jesli chcielibyscie zebrac wiecej zaslug, mozecie ofiarowac dowolna kwote ponad to minumum na pokrycie kosztow organizacyjnych. Caly dochod z kongresu wesprze projekty Kathmandu Medical Camp oraz Sowa Rigpa College w Nepalu. 


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Additional Program Fees


  • Karmamudra Retreat 525 Euro 

includes guided retreat, accomodition and food, does not include texts for the retreat 

  • Root Tantra course  – 100 Euro
  • Thesis Presentation – Free for presenters, donation-based for visitors
  • Instructors courses  (Nejang, Horme, Yukcho) –  60Euro/day



Oplaty za program dodatkowy


  • Karmamudra Retreat 525 Euro 

wlacznie noclegu i wyzywienia 

  • Kurs Tantry rdzennej  – 100 Euro
  • Prezentacja prac dyplomowych – wstep wolny dla prezentujacych, darowizna dla widow 
  • Instructors courses  (Nejang, Horme, Yukcho) –  60Euro/dzien


Thanks to the great team work, vision and generosity of the organizing team in Poland, the best possible conditions for all participants are guaranteed. The income from the Congress will cover the cost and access will be donated for development of Sowa Rigpa projects in Poland and Nepal.


Please note that all the preparation work from the international team and of the local team is non-profit work. Your active support, contribution and patience is needed to make this gathering possible.

The Congress itself is based on this clear non-profit-root to guarantee transparency, to prevent from dependencies and to reduce misunderstandings. The root vision of the Congress is inspired by a clear cristal.

Sorig Khang coordinators: in between SKY so many people are doing such a great job. Through the work of the local coordinators of our various Sorig Khangs we have courses and teachings around the globe. On behalf of the Sorig Congress team we highly recommend that the participation fees and travelling costs for the coordinators should be fully covered -if possible- by the budget of their local organizations.