5th Intl. Congress on Sowa Rigpa, Kathmandu/Nepal


One doctor for one village, one doctor for one family” Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, Medical Director of Sorig Khang International

“(…) the future for Sowa-Rigpa is bright and this system is poised well to gather momentum at a fast pace world-wide” – Mr. Tashi Tsering Phuri, Director of Men Tsee Khang/Dharamsala

The fifth edition of the one and only annual International Congress in the world of Sowa Rigpa from March 1-3, 2017 in Kathmandu/Nepal was an inspiring gathering and a great success with practitioners and scholars from 37 countries coming together to celebrate the rich and creative world of Sowa Rigpa, sharing knowledge and unity in spirit.

The presentation of the first generation of students of  the “Sowa Rigpa International College” in Kathmandu was a powerful signal for the future of Sowa Rigpa: “One doctor for one village or even one doctor for one family” was the conclusion of  Dr. Nida Chenagtsang´s opening speech, a lasting highlight and a great motivation for all participants.


During the Congress the international opinion leaders in the field of Sowa Rigpa sent out encouraging signals of openness and clarity towards a further exchange and cooperation on the highest possible level, side by side, working for the same goal from different perspectives: to preserve and develop Sowa Rigpa for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Under the motto “Sowa Rigpa in Action” the main aim of the 5th Congress was to focus on practical aspects at various levels: medical work, education, research, future Sowa Rigpa healthcare projects in Nepal and around the globe.  Through the presentation of cases and the open discussion of possible treatments, the working out of concrete next steps for the best possible implementation of  Sowa Rigpa in Nepal and around the globe, immediate fundraising for different ongoing projects with urgent need for action, collective treatment settings and Sorig First Aid in Free Medical Camps (in Maratika and Mustang) and joint meditation sessions the Congress found back to its roots as an international platform and the heart of a mutual exchange where core decisions and most important topics will not only be discussed but also done and implemented!

Many thanks to all participants for these wonderful days of practical exchange in the field of Sowa Rigpa. Thanks for the enthusiasm and the joy of sharing and acting.

The Congress is not interested in one-time-items. The main aim of the big international family is to take care of each other and to live “unity in diversity”. That´s why the Congress came back to Nepal 2 years after the 1st nepalese Congress: to strengthen the outstanding community of Sorig Khang Nepal and the International College and to encourage their incredible efforts and developments despite the earthquake disaster. With their work and cooperation Sowa Rigpa will be an essential part of the nepalese healthcare system and a great inspiration for all practitioners around the world.

Of course the Congress will come back to Nepal in the next years. Promise! It gives immense pleasure to announce that the 6th International Congress will be held in March 2018 in Pisa/Italy. Be a part of it as you are already… . A cordial invitation to all to continue this wonderful annual journey of friendship and cooperation together. Special thanks to Raj Kumar Shrestha (SKIN, Head of local Organizing Team) and Jacqueline Yu (SKI Head of Activities, Sorig First Aid) for their extraordinary contributions to make this Congress possible. Full of gratitude for all the wonderful encounters with family members from all over the world and with all my best wishes on behalf of the International Congress Team. Sincerely yours, Dr. Jens Tönnemann, MD Sorig Khang International Congress Coordinator Head of Medical Education

Some past Congress Details:

Pics by Madis Seinberg & Philipp Fuchs, among others. For more pictures visit: Sorig Congress @ Google Photos