5th International Congress on Sowa Rigpa March 1-3, 2017 (Opening: February 28) Kathmandu/Nepal


Varied Lecture and Interactive Workshop Program | Practical Cooperation: Sowa Rigpa in Action | Information and Exhibition Stands | Practical Trainings and Free Medical Camps | Case Reports | Joint Treatment Sequences | International Networking Meetings | Arts and Culture | Comprehensive Additional Program before & after the Congress


Under the inspiring motto “Sowa Rigpa in Action” the International Congress Team of SKI warmly welcomes all to attend and invites to a program beyond theory and a lively process of sharing knowledge.
For the 5th time people from more than 40 different countries will come together with joy and openness to celebrate the rich and creative world of Sowa Rigpa.

During the Congress days we would like to focus on inspiring practical aspects in the field of Sowa Rigpa: highly experienced speakers will present „case reports“ of their work and together with experts and scholars from around the world and -alltogether in close cooperation-  we are going to establish international guidelines for future Sorig case reports and case studies. Parallel to the presentations we invite to practical workshops on external therapies (Stick Therapy, Bloodletting, Acupuncture, 5 Nectar Bath Therapy). In between there will be an ongoing process of joint meditation and participants will visit the Sorig College & clinics nearby for open treatment sequences, joint consultations and all interested practitioners are going to work together in Free medical camps in different nepalese areas after the Congress.




Since the Congress Opening falls on Losar/Tibetan New Year, we will include Losar activities in the Congress Program. The Congress family will celebrate the Tibetan new year with our Tibetan friends in Nepal and around the world and the Congress will be a part of the festivities and offer time for shared joint Losar activities


Sowa Rigpa with its comprehensive time-tested knowledge meets an increasing global interest in treatment options and accessible information which are in accordance not only with the original teachings but also with international scientific standards.

The personal encounter at the Congress is a gift and an opportunity for a profound further cooperation. The root concept of the Congress follows the main vision of Tibetan Medicine: to work for the benefit of all sentient beings (inspired by the words of younger Yuthok Yonten Gonpo), beyond national or individual interests.


The perfect place for the 5th Congress and further projects in the field of Sowa Rigpa: Nepal! 
What a great result of the 3rd International Congress on Sowa Rigpa 2015 in Nepal: the foundation of Sowa Rigpa International College
Sowa Rigpa International College is the first institution in Nepal to offer an accredited degree program in the Science of Traditional Himalayan and Tibetan Medicine. The College, affiliated with Lumbini Buddhist University, is dedicated to cultivating the traditional study, practice, and medical heritage of Sowa Rigpa – the Science of Healing. 

Nepal with its long experience in cultural diversity, interdisciplinary exchange and cooperation has a bridge function between East and West:
on one hand we find the development of a Modern Contemporary Western Medicine, on the other hand the Traditional Healing Systems are still practiced in an almost unique way and are still continuously developed.
Sowa Rigpa is an essential part of the nepalese healthcare system and we can find a remarkable frequency of competence centers with highly qualified experts.
Furthermore we find centers of excellence of all traditions of Tibetan Buddhism.

In accordance with the valuable experiences that have been made during the 4th International Congress on Sowa Rigpa in Tallinn/Estonia with participants from 40 different countries, the 5th Congress in Kathmadu allows a comprehensive and inspiring insight in the actual practice of Sowa Rigpa in Nepal and around the globe.


4th international Congress on Sowa Rigpa, Tallinn 2016


Be an active part of it and let´s create this next Congress together in friendship and cooperation. All interested friends of Sowa Rigpa from around the globe are most welcome.


Many thanks to our speakers, presenters, supporters and artists who have already confirmed their participation with joy.
 We are very grateful for the inspiring cooperation to the partner organizations, branches and members of Sorig Khang International and to all our active supporters.
 It is the wish of the organizers that an annual International Congress, in harmony with the introductory words from the Honorary President of the Congress, Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, „will be a great inspiration for the preservation and further development of Sowa Rigpa“.

 “We are one familyDr. Nida Chenagtsang, Congress President, during Sorig Congress 2014 in Kathmandu

“Wherever possible, we must work on a common ground. Where there are differences, we need to respect the views, and not necessarily adopt the views and lose sight of one’s primary objectives.”Mr. Tashi Tsering Phuri, Director of Men- Tsee- Khang Dharamsala/India, during Sorig Congress 2014 in Kathmandu