HERE you can find the updated congress schedule to organize your journey (PDF-reader required).


During the Congress days we would like to focus on fascinating practical aspects in the field of Sowa Rigpa: highly experienced speakers will present „case reports“ of their work and together with experts and scholars from around the world and -alltogether in close cooperation-  we are going to establish international guidelines for future Sorig case reports and Case studies. Parallel to the presentations we invite to practical workshops on external therapies (Stick Therapy, Bloodletting, Acupuncture, 5 Nectar Bath Therapy). In between there will be an ongoing process of joint meditations and participants will visit the Sorig College & clinics nearby for open treatment sequences, joint consultations and all interested practitioners are going to work together in Free medical camps in different nepalese areas after the Congress.

Tentative list of speakers: preliminary version, some more speakers will follow.

    • Dr. Nida Chenagtsang (Medical Director of SKI)
    • Mr. Tashi Tsering Phuri (Director of Men Tsee Khang/ Dharamsala)
    • Dr. Thinley Trogawa (Director of Chagpori/Darjeeling), expected
    • Dr. Machik (Vice President of Malho Hospital/Amdo & SKI Awardee for outstanding contributions in the field of Sowa Rigpa)
    • (Ven) Dr. Tenzin Thaye (Men Tsee Khang/Dharamsala), expected
    • Dr. Tsultrim Kalsang (Men Tsee Khang/Dharamsala), expected
    • Dr. Namgyal Rinpoche Dolpo Amchi (President of the Dolpo Amchi Association, Chairman of the National Himalayan Amchi Association)
    • Dr. Rakdho Tenzin Lobsang (Faculty Head, Central University of Tibetan Studies, Sarnath, Varanasi/India), expected
    • Dr. Nyima Tsering Nepali (Principal of Sowa Rigpa International College, Kathmandu)
    • Dr. Tenjing Dharke Gurung (Director and Management committe Chair of Sowa Rigpa International College, Kathmandu)
    • Dr. Leksho (Kunphen Clinic, Kathmandu)
    • Prof. Punya P. Parajuli (Prof. at Lumbini Buddhist University and SRIC)
    • Dr. Ghana S. Gurung (WWF in Nepal)
    • Dr. Sherab/Pema Bhuti Sherpa (Pure Vision Sorig)
    • Dr. Tam Nguyen (SKI Managing Director)
    • Dr. Anastazja Holecko (SKI teacher and Sorig Doctor in Czech Rep. & Poland)
    • Eric Rosenbush (SKI teacher and Sorig Doctor, USA/India and International)
    • Philippe Gonin (SKI Yuk Cho Teacher, France & International)
    • Dr. Jens Tönnemann (MD in Austria, SKI Congress Coordinator and SKI Head of Medical Education)
    • Dr. Maria Locsei (MD in Australia), expected
    • Viivi Käärma (SKI Estonia Coordinator, Ku Nye Teacher)
    • Italian Team members: A look forward in the here and now: Italy 2018
    • Drukmo Gyal (Sorig Tours Coordinator, famous singer, SKI teacher in Tibet/Estonia and International)
    • Jacqueline Yu (SKI Head of Activities, Sorig Aid and SKI International Teacher)
    • Herbert Schwabl (Padma Inc. Switzerland), expected
    • Dr. Florian Ploberger (MD in Austria, Official Rgyud bzhi translation to German)
    • Dr. Dimitri Khokhlov and Buriatian team (Sorig Doctor in Buriatia)
    • Dr. Basu Dev Pandey (Deputy Director General Department of Health Service Ministry of Health)
    • Thurid Köster (SKI HOT Secretary, Head of SKI International Drangsong Group)
    • Dr. Choelothar (Senior Doctor, Men-Tsee-Khang, Dharamsala/India)
    • Dr. Andreas Reimers (MD in Germany: Psychiatrist, Neurologist and Psychotherapist)
    • Dr. Sonam Pelmo (Shechen Clinic, Kathmandu/Nepal)
    • Dr. Namsay (Sorig Bumshi School for Medical Sciences of Early Tradition, Kathmandu/Nepal)
    • Christiana Polites, BA (Sorig Khang Portland, SKY Press, SKI HOT)