Tashi Delek and Namasakar to all,

Respected honorable Chief Guests Vice Chancelor of Lumbini Bhuddhist University Prof. Dr. Naresh Man Bajrachariya, Dr. Ninda Chenaktsang, Director of Sorigkhang International, Director of Tibetan Medical and Astro Institute, Men-Tsee-khang, India, Mr. Tashi Tsering la, Director of Sowa – Rigpa International College, Nepal, Dr. Tenjing Dharke Gurang, representative of Education Ministry of Nepal and dignitaries gathered here today.

It’s my honor to welcome you all to Kathmandu, Nepal, the land of Bio-diversity where Asia meets. Nepal is regarded as the land of precious herbs. The Himalayan foot hill is covered by rich medicinal plants, which have wondrous properties in curing many ailments.

The peaceful country of Nepal is in urgent need to reduce incidences of disease, which are at the stake of “Emergency”. In order to improve over all Health and Hygiene condition, it is the responsibility of every individuals and health care sections of the country.

Nepal is a developing country and low socio-economic status nation.  Our country has become the victim of infectious diseases, nutritional disorders, metabolic problems, and chronic diseases, those must be brought under control by educating basic hygiene methods. All the more, infectious diseases like HIV, STD and Tuberculosis are on the rise, which need urgent “Health Precautions and Remedial Education” to be provided to the community.

Like wise,  non–communicable diseases like metabolic disorders, cardiovascular, neoplastic and mental health problem are also increasing at an alarming rate which has become  a huge social concern to be noted.

Due to humans’ greed, our natural  environment gets greatly affected by causing Global warming, which caused the most devastating health problems of this world. Sowa-Rigpa plays a vital role in the conservation and preservation of Global Climate change and Environment.

The concept of Sowa Rigpa is to  maintain the inner and outer 5 elements in helping  to resolve the biggest issue of global climate change in general and chronic cases like metabolic disorders and cancers in particular. Furthermore, the external therapies of Sorig medicine can help many local people who are living in remote hilly areas where medical access is not accessible.

It was rightly quoted and predicated by Yuthok Yonten Gonpo , Father of Sowa Rigpa Medicine, since 12th Century, that, ” My wish is that Sowa Rigpa would spread like the infinite expanse of the sky in order to benefit all sentient beings.”

In order to keep alive the hopes and aspiration of the Great Father of Sowa Rigpa Medicine, on the date of July 31, 2016, the History was created by establishing Sowa Rigpa International College, Nepal, which came into being under the affiliation of Lumbini Buddhist University, Nepal. This renowned newly established Collage has initiated Bachelor of Sowa Rigpa Medicine program. The curriculum has been designed after extensive discussion among  various learned physicians, professors, and lecturers after extensive review.

Sowa  Rigpa International College of Nepal is the Learning Temple, whose door is wide opened for the continuous flow of great learning scholars from all over the world. Its my honor and pride  to share the fabulous news with renowned scholars gathered at the Conference today that,  and Sowa Rigpa International College, Nepal is producing our first batch of students and there by, continuously merging for the acceptance of new admissions every year. It is a blessing that, this ever established Sowa Rigpa International college in Nepal  is the right place to keep the main stream of Herbal Sorig Medicine, flowing from generation to generation like perennial rivers.

This College has a bright vision and aim in promoting and propagating Sowa Rigpa Education to serve the humanity of all caste and creed. Nepal is a land of medicinal herbs with a history of many traditional healing systems. We must and should encourage the development and preservation of herbal medicine. The dream of educating the people of Nepal and the world with Sowa Rigpa medicine has come into realisation from previous year. Furthermore, the increase of many health problems, epidemic diseases, and lack of medical awareness, demanded the requirement of natural medicines like Sorig medicine in each and every corner of Nepal, especially to the remote areas where access to modern medicines is not available.

Thus, I take this opportunity to ‘Thank’ Vice Chancellor of Lumbini Bhuddhist University Prof. Dr. Naresh Man and his team members in accepting our Sowa Rigpa International College under your warm protective wings. Without your support and help, it is impossible to create the history of platform, where dreams can come true in transforming and growing our younger generations into “Life Safer of Humanity”.

Last but not the least, our sincere hearty ‘Thank You’ goes to Dr Nida and Sorig Khang, who has been with us in helping in many ways for the propagation of Sowa Rigpa International College since its establishment in Kathmandu, Nepal.

With this, I thank you all for your time and I wish you all a very productive and enjoyable stay in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Dr. Nyima Tsering

1st of March 2017, Kathmandu, Nepal.