Dear All,
dear scholars, practitioners and friends of SOWA RIGPA around the world,

Here you will find the official invitation letter of the International Organizing Committee.

Let´s all come together as a family in Pisa/Italy and nourish our unity in spirit!
Under the inspiring motto: Living Sowa Rigpa – Vivere Sowa Rigpa
the 6th International Congress on Sowa Rigpa will invite to the „inner world“,… inner space of the SKI family. Let’s meet in person as family members!
The development of the SKI family network is incredible: so many great and inspiring projects take place at the same time, empowered through Dr. Nida´s phenomenal work and guidance and with Yuthok´s vision to spread Sowa Rigpa for the benefit of all sentient beings.
Coming together as a family and to spend time with your family members is most important: the Congress is our annual international platform and the heart of our exchange that allows transparency and active participation. It´s the place where core decisions and most important topics will be discussed.
After 5 years of focusing more on the „outer world“ and the cooperation of SKI with all different institutions and organisations in the field of Sowa Rigpa, the next  Congress will go back to its roots and connect deeper with the amazing new Sorig Khang International Foundation.
Vivere Sowa Rigpa
Let´s continue this magic journey as a family together in  Italy,
See you all in Pisa!

A warm welcome on behalf of the International Congress Organizing Team

Laura Bellandi, Sorig Khang Italia, Head of the local Organising Team in Italy

Dr. Jens Tönnemann, MD – SKI Head of Medical Education – Sorig International Congress Coordinator