Registration of Presentations at Information Stands

Congress participants are warmly invited to present information material on their Sowa Rigpa-projects/-research or their Sowa Rigpa-practice/clinic/organization at the information stands.
 Diverse inspiring presentations from different countries have already been registered.

There are 2 options to present something:

Option 1: book 1 table for a personal presentation of 80×80 for a recommended donation of 50€

Option 2: be part of the SKI Family-Installation at the “living Sorig Newsletter”

This Congress will present all the people and projects behind the SKI family: from the first generation until today.
So many talents,
so much diversity, so many different approaches:
Unity in diversity

This Congress will present outstanding news in the field of Sowa Rigpa: great projects around the world,
from research to knowledge, from training to working with patients on the highest possible level, from nomadic travelling to coming home,
from wonderful results
and from moments of failure, too…and how to go beyond all obstacles.

For option 1: As the space for more tables is limited and there are only a few places left, we kindly ask you send your request with brief information about your presentation to italia [at] sorig [dot] net

For option 2: Philipp Fuchs (Editor of Sorignews) and his team would like to create an open desk and pin wall under Sorig News supervision during the congress where you as SKI practitioners, teachers and centre-coordinators can help us to make your efforts visible. Following all the recent amazing developments in and around Sorig Khang Intl. the congress will concentrate on SKI itself for the first time in its history.
Our aims will be to present to the Sorig world who SKI is, how our organisation works as well as to present our visions and possible contributions in the growing fields of Traditional Tibetan Medicine worldwide. We will provide the space for free where you can show your own SKI centres, projects, courses, etc. by using different kinds of media (pictures, video clips, broschures …).

Please send an Email to philipp [dot] fuchs [at] sorig [dot] net with the information what you would like to present at the Sorig News Stand so we can estimate the space needed.