Tentative Schedule & List of Speakers


News: The preliminary & design-free pdf-version of the final schedule: ProgramPisa2018_1FinalOnlineVersion


General schedule for Italy 2018:

April 11-17, 2018: ATI Yoga Retreat before the Congress with Dr. Nida with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang

April 19: Congress Opening Ceremony with Concert (Drukmo Gyal)

April 20-22: 6th International Congress on Sowa Rigpa in Pisa

April 23: Botanical Walk with Dr. Machik (highly experienced and respected Sowa Rigpa expert from Amdo) with open air picnic/lunch (registration for the walk will be during the Congress days at the SKI Italia stall for 10€/person incl. lunch)

April 24-28: Additional Program with Dr. Nida after the Congress near Pisa (April 24: Nejang Teacher Training, April 25: YN La Hooking: Teaching & Transmission, April 26-27: YN Clear-light Yoga: Teaching and Transmission, April 28: YN Phowa: Teaching & Transmission)

Herbal Expedition with Dr. Nida and Dr. Machik, Amdo/Tibet, 2017


In the following you will find a preliminary list of this years´Congress presentations

All our speakers are highly respected scholars and representatives of Sowa Rigpa.
Through their contribution the Congress in Pisa allows a vibrant and contemporary idea of the wide range of knowledge and the complexity of this most comprehensive end effective time tested medical system.

What a great pleasure to welcome:

Dr. Nida Chenagtsang (Amdo/Northeastern Tibet & Italy)
„Vivere Sowa Rigpa“, Opening Lecture 1
Medical Director of Sorig Khang International and Congress President, the source of inspiration of the SKI family, trains students in Sowa Rigpa and the Yuthok Nyingthig spiritual tradition in over 40 countries around the world, living in Rome, Italy

Dr. Tam Nguyen (Germany)
„Vivere Sowa Rigpa“, Opening Lecture 2
Executive Director of Sorig Khang International, the SKI mastermind and outstanding director of a movement in more than 40 countries, International teacher, MD in Switzerland

Dr. Machik (Amdo/Northeastern Tibet)
„Tumor Treatment in Sowa Rigpa; Case Reports“
Highly experienced and respected senior teacher and doctor from Amdo/Northeastern Tibet
Special guest of honour of the Congress

Dr. Maria Locsei, MD (Australia)
‘Embryology of IATTM / SKI’ – a joyful retrospective celebrating our beginnings, nurturance and development
MD and Sowa Rigpa expert in Australia, most respected founding Member of the IATTM

Dr. Andreas Reimers, MD (Germany)
“Mental Health Care:
Sowa Rigpa and Modern Psychotherapy“
MD in Germany: Psychiatrist, Neurologist and Psychotherapist, Sowa Rigpa Practitioner

Anastasia Teplyakova (Russia)
“Headache – a view from the perspective of Sowa Rigpa“
Highly respected translator in the field of Sowa Rigpa, Sowa Rigpa Practitioner and SKI teacher in Russia

Amchi Dr. Nyima Tsering Nepali (Nepal)
“Treatment of western patients in a traditional setting – Case Reports”
Principal of Sowa Rigpa International College in Kathmandu/Nepal, highly experienced representative of the „Amchi Medicine“ in Nepal

Dimitri Khokhlov and Team (Buryatia/Russia)
Lum- The 5 Nectar Bath Therapy: News and upcoming projects
Sowa Rigpa Practitioner and Teacher in Buryatia

Dr. Florian Ploberger (Austria)
„Sorig Mental Health Care for Patients and Doctors“
MD in Austria, President of the ÖÄGTCM, Official Translation of the rGyud- bZhi into German in cooperation to Dharamsala Men-Tsee-Khang

Raj Kumar Shrestha (Nepal)
„Sowa Rigpa in Nepal- Inspiring Developments and Challenges“
Vice Director of Sorig College Int`l in Kathmandu/Nepal, Chairman of SKI Nepal

Dr. Vsevolod Orlov (Russia)
„Fundamentals of European medicine with analogies from Tibetan medicine“
MD in Russia, highly experienced international SKI senior Teacher and Sowa Rigpa practitioner

Drukmo Gyal (Amdo/Northeastern Tibet & Estonia)
„Journeys to the roots of Tibetan Medicine: Sorig Tours“
Sorig Tours Coordinator, famous tibetan singer, „The purification voice of Tibet“, International SKI teacher, SKI coordinator in Estonia

Anu Rootalu-Wachsmann (Estonia)
„Estonia: a european pioneering country in the field of Sowa Rigpa“
International SKI Teacher, highly respected Sowa Rigpa Practitioner in Estonia

Elise Mandine (France)
„Chudlen: Retreat experiences“
„Sowa Rigpa in France“
Country coordinator and Sowa Rigpa practitioner in France

Christiana Polites, BA (USA)
„SKYPRESS: sharing great minds
– Publishing the Healing Art of Tibetan Medicine“
Organizer of Sorig Khang Portland and Sorig Khang Los Angeles,
Founder and Editor-in-Chief of SKY Press, SKI Teacher and SKI HOT Head of Drangsong

Dr. Anastazja Holecko, MD
“ The Art of Living to 100 years”
„10 years Sowa Rigpa Journal“
Managing Editor of the SOWA RIGPA JOURNAL, International SKI teacher and highly respected Sowa Rigpa practitioner in her private clinic in Prague, her work is a great enrichment: both on an organizational and on a medical level

Thurid Koester (Germany)
„The new Sorig Khang International Foundation“
Head of SKI Administration, International SKI teacher, Sowa Rigpa practitioner in Germany

Jacqueline Yu (Singapore)
„Sorig First Aid“
„An outlook to the Sorig Congress 2019 in Singapore“
Head of SKI Activities, Coordinator of Sorig Khang Singapore and Sorig First Aid, International SKI teacher and highly respected Sowa Rigpa practitioner

Eric Rosenbush (India & USA), LAc.                                                                                                “Universe Within & Embodied World:  Doctrines of Microcosm & Macrocosm in Sowa Rigpa”     practices classical Tibetan, Chinese, Ayurvedic medicine, and Jyotish, based out of the GunaNatha clinic in California, International SKI teacher and highly respected representative of the Ngakmang Foundation

All the following speakers are representatives of the very active Sorig Khang movement in Italy and all of them are most respected Sowa Rigpa practitioners and scholars in Italy.

Emilio Gallotta (Italy)
„Practical application of sowa rigpa: an excellent resource
useful with kids“
International SKI Teacher and highly respected Sowa Rigpa Practitioner in Italy
Physiotherapist and about to complete Medical College

Marie Corrao (Italy)
„Buongiorno Sowa Rigpa project
-Good informal communication in a web log“                                                                            Sowa Rigpa Practitioner in Pisa, Local organizer of SKI Pisa, SKI local teacher of Tibetan Astrology workshop. Co-Editor and Author of Buongiorno Sowarigpa’s Blog.

Manuela Cernac (Italy)
The Tibetan Yoga Ne Jang: a valid aid in depression“
-The beneficial effects of Tibetan yoga exercises to relieve depressive states, stress and anxiety.     Ski teacher of Nejang in Italy, and external therapy workshop, Sowa Rigpa Practitioner in Italy,  SKI organizer of SKI Pomaia and SKI Trieste

Beatrice Ciardi (Italy)
„Ne Jang for elderly people: The art of joyful effort”                                                                      Ski teacher of Nejang & external therapy workshop  in Italy, Yoga teacher Expert, Sowa Rigpa Practitioner in Italy,  Organizer of SKI Anzio

Mirella Pagliarin (Italy)
„Human body knowledge: two visions compared“                                                                         SKI Teacher of TTM / Kunye, and Meditation guide. Organizer of Ski Padova,
highly respected Sowa Rigpa Practitioner in Italy

Daniela Crucitti (Italy)
„The Power of Horme
– Presentation about a severe anorexic crisis treated with Horme“                                                 One of the first SKI teachers of Kunye and external therapies, student of Dr Nida since 1999,
highly respected Sowa Rigpa Practitioner in Italy

Dott. Sandro Piu (Italy)
„The experience with Sowa Rigpa of a cardiopathic psychologist“                                                   Psychologist and Psychotherapist,  main Organizer of SKI Bologna

Giuseppe Coco (Italy)
„ Sowa Rigpa in my life: from the “Il Tesoro della Salute” to the
“Detang Experience” project“                                                                                          Physiotherapist in a Public Health Service, Sowa Rigpa Practitioner & TTM Teacher. Researcher in Sowa Rigpa vegetarian and vegan Diet. Co author of books  of “Tesoro della salute” and  “SOWA RIGPA the science of healing for an awareness nourishment” edited in Italian language