Tentative Schedule & List of Speakers


General schedule for Italy 2018:

April 11-17, 2018: Ati Yoga Retreat with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang

April 19: Congress Opening Ceremony with Concert (Drukmo Gyal)

April 20-22: 6th International Congress on Sowa Rigpa in Pisa

April 24-28: Teachings near Pisa (April 24: Nejang Teacher Training, April 25: YN La Hooking: Teaching & Transmission, April 26-27: YN Clear-light Yoga: Teaching and Transmission, April 28: YN Phowa: Teaching & Transmission)

Herbal Expedition with Dr. Nida and Dr. Machik, Amdo/Tibet, 2017


There will be about 30 speakers from 17 different countries.

Here are some of the international speakers who have confirmed their participation already.

What a great pleasure to welcome:

Dr. Nida  Chenagtsang (Medical Director of SKI)

Dr. Tam (Executive Director of SKI, MD in Switzerland)

Dr. Machik (Highly exeperienced Doctor & Sorig Medical Teacher from Amdo/Tibet)

Jacqueline Yu (Singapore/ SKI Head Office Team for Activities, Sorig First Aid and International Teacher)

Dr. Nyima Tsering Nepali (Principal of Sowa Rigpa International College, Kathmandu/Nepal)

Dr. Anastazja Holecko (SKI teacher and Sorig Doctor in Czech Rep. & Poland)

Thurid Köster (Germany, Head of SKI Administration)

Anastasia Teplyakova (SKI teacher, scholar, translator and Sorig doctor in Russia)

Dr. Maria Locsei (MD in Australia, founding member of the IATTM)

Drukmo Gyal (Sorig Tours Coordinator, famous singer, SKI teacher in Tibet/Estonia and International)

Dr. Florian Ploberger (MD in Vienna/Austria, Official Rgyud bzhi translation to German in cooperation with Men Tsee Khang Dharamsala)

Dr. Aleksandr Arbuzov (SKI teacher, expert in Sorig pharmacology and Sorig Doctor in Russia)

Christiana Polites, BA (SKI Head Office Team, Skypress, USA)

Prof. Robert Thurman (USA, Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies, writer, buddhist scholar)


…. more international and italian speakers will follow