A space of infinite opportunities

Unity in diversity with scholars, doctors, practitioners, students, researchers and interested people from all over the globe in the world‘s greenest city, fascinating Singapore!

A gathering of peace, tolerance, openness and compassion to preserve and promote Sowa Rigpa and the Yuthok Nyinthig Tradition

People from all over the world met in Singapore for the one and only annual International Congress on Sowa Rigpa to create it together as a space of infinite opportunities between modern and traditional medical approaches, ready to be filled through their interdisciplinary cooperation and mutual exchange, sharing and developing knowledge and experience for the benefit of all.

Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, the outstanding honorary president of the Congress, opened the space and introduced Sowa Rigpa as a ‚Science of Healing and happiness‘. Through his pathbreaking ongoing work and longterm efforts a new terminology could be discussed and introduced on various levels during the Congress days that will inspire Sowa Rigpa practitioners from the east to the west, from the north to the south and beyond.

The annual Congress is the first place to present, discuss, create and implement outstanding news and new developments in the field of Sowa Rigpa.

Parallel to the final step of implementing the Sorig Khang International Foundation in Germany as a professionally managed International Non-Profit-Organization, the amazing local Congress team in Singapore, mindfully guided through Jacqueline Yu, achieved and established a new level for the organization of this most important transcultural gathering, including the corporate design and the additional program (e.g. the largest international retreat in the history of SKY after the Congress on beautiful Bali).

With the presentation of the latest edition of the ‚Sowa Rigpa Journal‘ Dr. Anastazya Holecko, our longterm journal editor, invited to the 8th International Congress on Sowa Rigpa in Poland in April 2020 which will be a comprehensive celebration of 100 years of Sowa Rigpa in Poland.

The pathways that lead Tibetan herbal formulas from Tibet to Switzerland crossed Poland, too, and during the Congress we celebrated the 50th anniversary of ‚Padma Inc.‘ together with Dr. Herbert Schwabl (CEO of Padma Inc.).

Another highlight was the moment of signing the MoU for the International College of Sowa Rigpa in Kathmandu/Nepal, based on the work of SKY‘s outstanding acting director Dr. Tam, through the highly esteemed nepalese representatives Dr. Nyima Tsering (the principal of Sorig College), Dr. Tenjing Dharke (the director of Sorig College) and Raj K. Shrestha (chairman of SKIN) together with Dr. Chenagtsang and other members of the Advisory Board.

The Congress days allowed inspiring insights with a focus on a practical transfer in the work with patients under the motto ‚to cure others you have to cure yourself‘: aspects on self-healing, health and happiness from different medical traditions with a link to modern scientific approaches, a new system of Mental Health Care in Sowa Rigpa up to a practical demonstration of bloodletting and other external therapies.

Sowa Rigpa with its openness and time-tested experience in cooperation and interdisciplinarity seems to be a perfect bridge-building medical system to achieve and maintain health and happiness even while facing the stressful high-level outcome oriented lifestyle in the world‘s greenest metropole, Singapore. To experience the variety of different local healing traditions in Singapore represented through local experts and their presentations of the highest possible level like Varsha Santosh, Ajunta Anwari, Physician Chu I Ta or Jacqueline Yu side by side with renowned international speakers from all over the world was absolutely inspiring.

After Laura Bellandi presented a glimpse back to the great Italian family-style Congress last year in Pisa that was only possible through the devotion of so many people working together like a mandala, the Singapore Congress reached an atmospheric peak and came to a wonderful conclusion: the highly ceremonial destruction of the sand mandala to symbolize the ephemerality of life and the world. What a powerful moment of unity in spirit!

In between unforgettable days of joint happiness we send best wishes to all friends and family members from this fascinating city that was a perfect location for this gathering.

Most heartfelt greetings on behalf of the one and only annual International Congress on Sowa Rigpa,

J & J

Jacqueline Yu & Jens Tönnemann